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Ad hoc RF network

An RF network that exists only for the duration of the communication. Ad hoc networks are continually set up and torn down as needed.

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With respect to optical fiber, a passive device used to join two connectors and fiber cores together. The adapter is defined by connector type, such as SC, FC, ST, LC, MT-RJ, and FDDI. Hybrid adapters can be used to join dissimilar connectors together, such as SC to FC. The adapter

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A device used to change one connector type to another (RJ45 to D Type) or one gender to another (BNC Male to BNC Female).

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Acquisition Design and Construction contractor. Contract company with overall responsibility for the delivery of a project.

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ADC Build Extranet -

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An identifier that uniquely identifies nodes or network segments on a network.

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Adjustable attenuator

An attenuator in which the level of attenuation is varied with an internal adjustment. Also known as variable attenuator.

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With respect to structured cabling, the procedures and standards used to accurately keep track of the various circuits and connections, as well as records pertaining to them. The ANSI/TIA/EIA-606 Administration Standard for Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings defines specifications for this purpose.

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Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN)
Developed by Bell Communications Research, a telephone network architecture that separates the service logic from the switching equipment. This allows the rapid deployment of new services with major equipment upgrades.
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Aerial cable

Telecommunications cable installed on aerial supporting structures such as poles, towers, sides of buildings, and other structures.

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Above Ground Level is antenna height from ground level to the bottom of the antenna.

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Air polishing

Polishing a connector tip in a figure-eight motion without using a backing for the polishing film.

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Antenna Interface Standards Group

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Alco Wipes
A popular brand of medicated wipes premoistened with alcohol.
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Alien crosstalk (AXT)

The crosstalk noise experienced by two or more adjacent twisted pair cables; measured in the lab by performing a 6-around-one test where six disturber cables impose crosstalk on the cable in the center (disturbed cable).

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