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Angled end

An optical fiber whose end is polished to an angle to reduce reflectance.

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Angled physical contact (APC) connector

A single-mode optical-fiber connector whose angled end-face helps to ensure low mated reflectance and low unmated reflectance. The ferrule is polished at an angle to ensure physical contact with the ferrule of another APC connector.

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Angular misalignment loss

The loss of optical power caused by deviation from optimum alignment of fiber-to-fiber. Loss at a connector due to fiber angles being misaligned because the fiber ends meet at an angle.

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Antenna Jumper

Final jumper connecting onto an antenna.

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Antenna Line

All the jumpers / feeders / MHA / combiner / diplexors / splitters / connectors from the equipment RF ports up to an including the antenna.

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Antireflection (AR)

Coating used on optical fiber cable to reduce light reflection.

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Apple Computer
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(1) A program running on a computer. (2) A system, the transmission method of which is supported by telecommunications cabling, such as 100Base-TX Ethernet, or digital voice.

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Aramid strength member

The generic name for Kevlar

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ARCnet (Attached Resource Computer network)
Developed by Datapoint, a relatively low-speed form of LAN data link technology (2.5Mbps, in which all systems are attached to a common coaxial cable or an active or passive hub). ARCnet uses a token-bus form of medium access control; only the system that has the token can transmit.
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Provides additional protection for cables against severe, usually outdoor, environments. Usually consists of plasticcoated steel corrugated for flexibility; see also interlock armor.

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ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
The method for finding a host
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ARP table
A table used by the ARP protocol on TCP/IP-based network nodes that contains known TCP/IP addresses and their associated MAC (media access control) addresses. The table is cached in memory so that ARP lookups do not have to be performed for frequently accessed TCP/IP and MAC addresses.
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Array connector

A connector designed for use with multiple optical fibers; see also MPT and MPO connectors.

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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
Sometimes called Universal ADSL, G.Lite, or simply DSL. ADSL is a digital communications method that allows high-speed connections between a central office (CO) and telephone subscriber over a regular pair of phone wires. It uses different speeds for uploading and downloading (hence the Asymmetric in ADSL) and is most often used for Internet connections to homes or businesses.
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